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Please escort your dancers to and from the RBA lobby before and after classes and rehearsals. We cannot be responsible for minor children’s safety should they be dropped off in the front of the building. We require written permission by parents to let a minor child leave the studio without a parent(s). This includes walking out of the building for any reason.

Parents please enjoy our lovely common lobby and restrooms for your convenience. We do ask that parents reserve the dancers’ bathrooms and eating areas for our dancers, as many are here for hours and need to eat between classes. Please enjoy our lovely …convenience . parents please keep and eye on your children in the lobby. Be mindful that we share this lobby with the students of Platt college and the DMV. Young children must not run and make noise.

We wish to take good care of our lovely facility and ask that there be no eating or drinking in the studios and carpeted areas of the school. Should you wish to eat in the common lobby area please clean up after yourselves, as we share our facility with Platt College and DMV and wish to keep the lobby presentable.

We ask that our younger students with classes in Studio B and C to please sign in at the front desk and wait to be escorted to their classes by their instructors. This way we can keep track of our dancers and make sure they are where they need to be.

We thank you for your support and being a part of our RBA family. Should you have questions or concerns please feel free to comment or set an appointment with us.


A reminder that RBA follows the RUSD calendar for our holidays. Remember to check the schedule for our amended calendar during tech week for our Christmas production of the Nutcracker and our end of the year concert in May and June.



BRAVA will be performing Riverside’s tradition of David Allan’s Nutcracker December 16 and 17, 2017, 1pm and 7pm at Landis Performing Arts Center on the RCC campus. There will be two outreach performances for schools, Thursday December 17 and Friday December 14 and 15, 2017 @ 10:00 am.

Rehearsal schedules / costume fittings - Dancers in the Nutcracker please keep checking the easel in the lobby for changes and additions to the rehearsal schedule.

Advertising in the Nutcracker playbill: For those of you that own a business or work for someone who may wish to advertise in BRAVA’s Nutcracker playbill. Please inquire at the front desk or call Pam Seinturier between 11am and 2pm weekdays to advertise in our lovely Nutcracker program that reaches 5,000 during our production season.



In an effort to conserve our resources RBA will only e-mail account statements, newsletters, calendars, and other important information.
Please visit the front desk to update your e-mail address. Your information will not be shared.


Bottle return proceeds go directly to BRAVA Boosters.



Parents please talk to your children regarding waiting in the lobby for pick up.
We do not allow anyone to wait at the street door to be picked up.
Advanced dancers are not allowed to leave the school without a permission slip from parents.
Please remind dancers to cover up with street clothing before leaving the school.



When allowed to observe in class parents please remember…

If your child is injured and/or not feeling well and still participating in class, please send a note or speak to the front desk.

Please speak to your children about the importance of not talking during class. All teachers will strictly enforce the no talking rule, and ask those talking to leave as it is extremely disrespectful to our teachers, accompanist and other students in the class.

Parents please remember that observation requires silence. Any and all distractions should be removed from the classroom. Silence all cell phones before entering the class, and remove any young children causing distractions or you will be asked to leave.

Do not enter a classroom once a class has begun, It is a major distraction to the students.


Students must follow RBA’s dress code

Please be sure female students have their hair slicked back in a bun
Correct color leotard
Footed tights
No extra attire for ages 6 and up



For updates- Keep an eye on the easel in the lobby for changes and additions to the schedule.