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ATTENTION ALL Alumni and Six and Seven level dancers :We are proud of our dancers accomplishment over the years and love to read about you. Please send in your photos from your summer programs, fall acceptances, career choices and success  and best memories of RBA to Glenda so we can put you in  “Dancers on the Move”.

Megan Elizabeth

I began training in classical ballet at the age of eight. I currently attend Riverside Ballet Arts, which has become a second home to me. The training is rigorous and each of the instructors provide precise details that enable each dancer’s individualism. I am inspired and blessed to have the caliber of training that is offered by RBA each day. The array of styles provided, outside of ballet, fosters a more well-rounded artist.

Riverside Ballet Arts also offers various performing opportunities through BRAVA. I am honored to participate in the yearly production of David Allen’s Nutcracker, as well as the spring in-studio concert. The choreography is challenging and has pushed me to grow into a better performer and dancer, which has granted me the opportunity to gain acceptance into several of the top summer intensive programs. I have attended the Kirov Academy of Ballet, the School of American Ballet, and have spent the last two summers at Pacific Northwest Ballet.

The level of instruction, provided by Riverside Ballet Arts, continues to provide a step in the right direction of pursuing a professional ballet career. My love of dance is cathartic and resides in my soul. I cannot envision myself intact without it. My goal is to connect with others on an emotional level, by the pure beauty that is ballet. I am determined, dedicated, and clear that Riverside Ballet Arts is where my dreams will become reality.

Lauren Parent

Reagan Prospero

I have attended Riverside Ballet Arts for the past 11 years. I began my training in the Creative Movement class at age 4 and have advanced through to level 7. During my time at RBA I have appreciated the focus that the instructors have placed on correct ballet technique. This has helped me with the audition process for summer intensives at well-known ballet companies. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to train with School of American Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and most recently with Boston Ballet. Acceptance to these programs would not have been possible if it weren’t for the training I have received from Riverside Ballet Arts. During my summers away with ballet companies I have had the opportunity to become familiar with different dance styles such as Balanchine. It has also given me the chance to make connections by receiving training from world renowned faculty. The summer programs are design for pre-professional dancers. The training allows you to dance all day and pushes you to focus and work hard. Now that I am 15 I hope to audition for a year-round program at a ballet company within the next year or two. RBA has helped prepare me for a career in the dance world by providing performance opportunities in full-length ballets such as The Nutcracker, various in-studio concerts, as well as master classes with guest teachers. Riverside Ballet Arts has helped mold me into the person and dancer that I am today and has helped me get one step closer to achieving my goal of dancing with a professional ballet company.

Isabella Urbano

This summer I attended Boston Ballet’s summer intensive, and I had a spectacular time there. The city is beautiful and I loved the historical aspects of it. The training at Boston ballet is incredible and I can’t wait to return in the fall for their year round pre-professional program. I hope in the future to dance with companies like Boston Ballet or Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Riverside Ballet Arts is like my home away from home. I’ve been training there since I was 4 and have learned so many things over the years. I will miss all the wonderful teachers and dancers I’ve grown up and created so many memorable moments with.

I have previously attended SAB’s California workshop as well as their summer intensive in New York. Last year I went to Seattle for PNB’s summer intensive.

Anna Ingold

Anna will be attending the School of American Ballet Fall program 2018

Margaret Speir

Studied at Pacific Northwest Ballet and Oklahoma City Ballet
summer of 2018

Sofia Leiva

I have attended Riverside Ballet Arts for nine years and have loved every minute of it. The training at this school is incomparable to any training in the Inland Empire; it caters to each dancer’s individual needs with a level of professionalism and care that allows young dancers to flourish. Pursuing ballet as a career has been made possible to me by the years of intense work and meticulous attention to detail from the staff.

Riverside Ballet Arts offers a strong training that has opened up a world of opportunity, as I have attended Pacific Northwest Ballet’s summer session on scholarship for four years, and have been accepted to the School of American Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Texas Ballet Theatre, and San Francisco Ballet for their summer courses.

Riverside Ballet Arts has been my home away from home, has offered new opportunities to grow as a performer and actor, and has illuminated the reality that ballet is not merely an aesthetic, but a discipline of dedication and commitment. Not only has the staff given me a solid ballet training, but they’ve equipped me with priceless life skills.